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Water Care

Wisconsin Pool and Spa is committed to providing you with the best pool and hot tub chemicals in the industry. We carry top of the line chemicals such as Spa Pure and Pool Season that have a history of providing customers with crystal clear water.

We also carry the industry leading automatic chlorinator by Frog Products. Frog products use minerals and a smart chlorine which uses up to 75% less chlorine in your spa or swimming pool. Come by our store in Muskego to get your water professionally tested so we can recommend the right water care for you!

Why should I test my water?

  • Body Care: Keeping your water balance will give you a better experience, as it effectively eliminates the discomfort of the burning sensation in your eyes, face or color discoloration.

  • Expand Life of Equipment: Did you know that not taking care of your water can lead to scaling around your equipment? Not having everything within range for long periods can lead to burning out your equipment and discoloration.

  • Crystal Clear Water: Making sure your sanitizer is effectively working will give you the clear water you truly want. 

Allow us to help you get your water balance and crystal clear. Stop by our store with a water sample and we will test it for FREE!

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Leap into Ease

Pool Frog Products​: Chose from our multiple Frog products to maintain your pool properly sanitized. Frog uses 2 different ways to kill bacteria in your pool:

1.Minerals: Silver and Limestone work to kill bacteria. Leading to less chlorine needed to kill bacteria in your pool or hot tub.

​2. Chlorine: 75% less chlorine is used when used in combination with natural minerals. Only the needed amount is used, it will not over chlorinate your pool or hot tub. 

Frog will ease your mind and maintenance work by doing it for you. Leaving your water properly sanitized and clear.


Pro Tips

Check out this quick tips to maintain your water clean

Chemical Delivery

If you need chemicals for your pool or hot tub, let us know. We are more than happy to drop them off at your door steps once a week. 

$10.99/month for properties within 5 miles from store 

$19.99/month for properties within 5-10 miles from store

***Customer Purchases Chemicals

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