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Pool and Spa Services and Installation

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                         Let's us help you

At Wisconsin Pool & Spa, we pride ourselves in providing excellent service to our clients. From opening and closing pools to repairs and upgrades, we get the full job done. Our team of experienced professionals has the knowledge and expertise needed to address any issue you may encounter with your pool or spa. We strive to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, ensuring that your pool or spa is always in top condition.

Pool Installations

With over 20 years in the industry, we provide a hassle-free installation process that guarantees you a beautiful and functional pool. Our team of skilled installers use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that your pool is installed perfectly.

  • In-Ground Pool Installations

  • Above Ground Pool Installations

  • Hybrid Semi-Inground Pool Installations

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Liner Replacements

Time for a new vinyl liner? Let us help by replacing your old, faded, and brittle liner with a beautiful new vinyl liner that will completely transform your existing pool! We make replacing your pool liner simple and hassle-free. 

  • In-Ground Liner Replacements

    • Includes custom measurement & vermiculite repair​

  • Above Ground Liner Replacements

    • Ask us about our amazing patterns​

Pool Renovations


We specialize in in-ground pool renovations to give your pool a fresh new look and improved functionality. Whether it's updating your pool's liner, new coping, addition of lights, drop-in liner over steps, benches, changing the depth of your pool and sun decks, or pool automation.

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Pool/Equipment Servicing and Replacement

When a issue occurs with your pool or equipment, our technicians can help. Whether that's a new motor for your pump, replacing filtration sand, plumbing repair, or replacing an entirely new pump, filter, or heater. Contact us, we are here to help. 

In-Ground Closing


Winterizing vinyl in-ground pool includes adjusting and adding chemicals for winter, removing handrails and fittings and store-on-site, cleaning and removing pump and skimmer baskets and store-on-site, blowing out all lines and installing plugs on return fittings and winter gizmo in skimmer, adding antifreeze to all lines and inside skimmer box and pump, and installing winter cover (supplied by homeowner). 

*all standard chemicals included

  • Full pool closing $550 + Tax

  • Blow out lines, add antifreeze only $275 + Tax

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Above Ground Closing


​Shutting down pool for winter includes adjusting and adding winterizing chemicals, cleaning and removing pump and skimmer baskets, disconnecting filtration hoses if applicable and storing in location on site, skim water line with net for any extra leaves/debris, installing winter cover and pillow (supplied by homeowner), removing drain plugs and store in location on site, store equipment such as pump or cartridge filter, and chlorinator on site if applicable), remove steps/ladders and store on site (any weights must be removed by homeowner prior to arrival for closing).
*prior to closing date, pool must be drained approx. 4-5” below return line

  • With chemicals included $425 + Tax

  • Without chemicals (homeowner supplies chemicals) $375 + Tax

In-Ground Opening


Includes removing all winterizing plugs and skimmer gizmos, removing winter cover and store-on-site, add general start-up chemicals (liquid chlorine and algaecide), install handrails and fittings, start filling pool with clients hose (homeowner must be present), rinse of deck surrounding pool, connect all filtration/pump and heater lines and plugs, come back for second visit to test and balance water and ensure pump and filtration is working properly (prime pump if needed)

  • $550 + Tax

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above oppening.jpg

Above Ground Opening


Pool opening includes draining excess water off of winter cover, inspecting winter cover for any damage over winter, removing winter cover, rinse, and store-on-site, install all pump filtration hoses and fittings, install railing/ladder, remove any winter plugs and store-on-site, connect plumbing for chlorinators and heaters in-line, start to fill up homeowners pool with water hose (homeowner must be present for this), add start up chemicals (liquid chlorine and algaecide included)

*if water supply available, deck surrounding pool will be hosed off as well

  • $400 + Tax

  • Balance chemicals for pool and starting up equipment (requiring 2nd visit)  $550

  • Power washing deck additional $230-330 per size of deck

Pool Cleaning and Water Testing

Includes testing water chemical levels, inspecting equipment for proper operations, general upkeep like vacuuming, brushing water line, cleaning pump and skimmer baskets, blow off deck surrounding pool, and backwash, change, or clean cartridge on filters as needed (supplied by customers).
*all chemicals such as pH up/down, alkalinity increasers, clarifiers, included
*chlorine charged additionally if needed

    Residential Pricing 

  • Weekly $125 + Tax

  • Bi-Weekly $175 + Tax

  • Monthly $200 + Tax

  • One-Time $250 + Tax

***Contact us for Commercial Cleaning Pricing

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Hot Tub System Cleanse

System cleanse for hot tub includes the standard procedure of flushing out the hot tub system and lines through applying SpaPure System Cleanse chemical to hot tubs that are currently heated above 90 degrees.


  • Turn jets off, apply 16 oz. of chemical that will treat up to 750 gallons, turn jets on highest setting for 5-10 minutes, cover the hot tub for at least 8 hours

  • Remove & Wash Filters

2nd Day

  • Turn jets back on for 5-10 minutes

  • Drain the hot tub

  • Clean the surface of the hot tub

  • Fill hot tub back up to required water level

  • Re-install clean filter

  • $450 + Tax

Hot Tub Removal

We offer comprehensive hot tub removal and disposal services, as well as relocation assistance to move your hot tub to a new location. Whether you need to get rid of an old tub or transport it elsewhere, our skilled team is equipped to handle the task efficiently and safely.


Chemical Delivery Service

If you need chemicals for your pool or hot tub, let us know. We are more than happy to drop them off at your door steps once a week. 

$10.99/month for properties within 5 miles from store 

$19.99/month for properties within 5-10 miles from store

***Customer Purchases Chemicals


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