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Above Ground Pools

Why an Above Ground Pool?

An above ground pool is a great option for almost any backyard. It is a fun way to bring the family together on a hot sunny day in Wisconsin.


Here is why this is a great option:

  • We offer a quick installation turn around 

  • Great physical activity for everyone

  • Perfect way for the kids to spend their summer 

  • Low impact on the joints 

  • You can have them surrounded with a deck or fence (ask us for more information on if you have a deck installed already for staining and or painting)

  • With a full deck around it, you can make it almost look like an in-ground pool!

celtic citadel_edited.jpg

A Few Things to Consider

finished landscape aroud pool_edited.jpg
  • Install: These pools are fast and easy to install. Normal installation usually takes about 4-5 hours.

  • Interior: They come with a vinyl liner on the inside, the liner is very soft to the touch. We have a wide selection of colors and patterns to choose from.

  • Depth: Above ground pools have a typical depths of 48in & 52in. These pools are not safe for diving.

  • Decking: Many people build a custom wood deck or composite deck around their above ground pools. This gives you a more personalized look and an easy access to your pool. 

  • Shape: We offer round and oval shaped pools. 

  • Size: We offer a large range of sizes

    • Round: 15ft to 33ft​

    • Oval: 12X24ft to 18x33ft

Our Current Collection of Above Ground Pools

Screenshot 2024-04-14 at 3.08.07 PM.png

Special Offer

From April to August 2024
With the purchase of an above ground pool you will get a free Volt Pool Cleaner

Make sure to show us this offer to receive it


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